The Big Giveaway!

We have begun a new fundraiser!  We’ve called it The Big Giveaway.  Real original, right?  😉 But it’s so much FUN!!!  We have it set up so that for every $500 we raise in our FSP at Reece’s Rainbow, we draw a name for a prize.  Check it out! How do you enter?  For one […]

Progress Update

Progress, progress, progress!  If you look at our to-do list on the bottom right of our blog, you’ll see a couple more things crossed off our list!  Everything on our end is in to our umbrella agency (they make sure we’re doing everything right for our specific country, because every country has different rules and […]

Large Family Birthdays

We have a lot of birthdays in our family.  And about to add 3 more.  How do we celebrate?  Well, first off, yes, we do.  🙂  Rebekah celebrated her 13th birthday the other day.  She is absolutely fascinated by German Shepherds.  So Matt took her to FaerieLand Rescue today to volunteer for the afternoon.  She […]

Fundraiser Yard Sale August 18 & 19!

We’ve talked so much about how international adoptions cost thousands of dollars.  Along our right sidebar, you can see our thermometer that has a total goal of almost $48,000.  That’s a lot of money!  To help raise that money, we hold various fundraisers to help bring awareness to our community and yes, to hopefully get […]

God’s Guiding Hand

Families in the adoption community know firsthand the struggles that many adoptive families face in the adoption process.  Adopting children means saving children’s lives, and for Christians, often their souls.  That’s the last thing Satan wants!  As the father of lies, we read in Ephesians 6:12 that our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood itself, […]

Paperwork, and the costs are adding up

When you are adopting internationally, there is a lot of paperwork.  Tons.  Well, it feels like tons.  And it takes a lot of time to get through it all.  We had a huge stack notarized, apostilled, and sent to Eastern Europe a few weeks ago.  And then we found out that some regions (their version […]

Welcome Back to Round 2!

Well, everything seems to have gone swimmingly with our first adoption, so why not do it all again?  🙂  Not that every adoption goes well – sometimes they don’t – but it doesn’t necessarily keep families from adopting again, either.  Our transition period had its challenges, no doubt, as every adoption does.  Ours happened to […]

The Elephant in the Room

Family size can be an interesting thing because everyone has a different perspective of what that should be, often reflective of their own lives and ideals.  It’s been no different for us, and even our own thought paradigm has shifted over time.  With the average number of children per household now at 2.6, Americans’ ideal […]


This morning on Facebook, I was, as usual, reminded of my memories from this day in previous years.  The highlighted photo was of Andrew and myself standing under the Arrivals sign in the Kiev airport.  2 years ago today, Matt and I boarded a plane in Minneapolis/St. Paul and headed out on our greatest adventure.  […]

Color the Map fundraiser recap

We admittedly haven’t found as much time as we would have liked to update you all.  Sorry about that.  We do sincerely thank you for all your support and prayers through all of this.  It was fun for us to purchase the prizes and keep track of Wisconsin which was the winning state!  Here are […]